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Hou yi group marketing center 2013 annual staff training meeting



Hou yi group marketing center 2013 annual staff training meeting

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Hou yi group marketing center 2013 annual staff training meeting

February 19, 2013 to February 21, hou yi group marketing center (sales company, sales of three companies) all employees gathered in xinzheng barracks attended the three-day annual staff training activities.

Company invite Chen Guangming teachers in particular, to all the staff team building theme training courses.

The new spring training, each leadership carefully prepared by the marketing center, covers product knowledge, epidemic prevention, marketing skills, communication skills, customer development and from many aspects, such as bidding strategy we have benefited a lot from each class.

Finally, the marketing director of the centre for Mr Zhang Qian read the list in 2012 advanced collectives and advanced individuals, and issued by the sales department general manager Mr Ding into less advanced JiTiJiang, ms XingLiGong marketing general manager and sales three Li Yongmin awarded advanced individual, the general manager of our company.

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