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Warmly welcome the delegation to Kansas to visit our company



Warmly welcome the delegation to Kansas to visit our company

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Warmly welcome the delegation to Kansas to visit our company

On June 6 in the afternoon, the biochemical Kansas board director, Kansas state higher education board director Kenny Wilk, Kansas to China affairs on behalf of wang tao, wichita, Kansas economic development committee chairman Tim Chase, Kansas department of agriculture experts

DE geiger and Kansas in the United States, a line of 6 people, the government delegation in henan province foreign affairs office in Europe and the director of bing visited accompanied by hou yi group production base is located in zhengzhou city air port Newport avenue. Group chairman Wu Gongyun, hou yi biological drive, the general manager and other leaders met with Kansas government delegation.

Wu Gongyun chairman on behalf of the group access to a delegation from a warm welcome. Hou yi, general manager of biological drive my group development basic situation was introduced, and the group in the United States the establishment of a specific schedule for hou yi American company project. Kenny Wilk director thanked the group on behalf of the Kansas and friendly to my company in henan province and Kansas province/state relations of cooperation plays a positive role gave high evaluation.

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