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Terminal consumption pig market supply exceeds demand picks up speed slow down



Terminal consumption pig market supply exceeds demand picks up speed slow down

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Terminal consumption pig market supply exceeds demand picks up speed slow down

As the early stage of the pressure bar live pig market in succession, the social market increased before the Mid-Autumn festival, slaughtering enterprises collect pig difficulty is reduced, the stock before peak into the end stage. In addition, the terminal consumption picks up speed slow down, the market oversupply, as the change of supply and demand, anhui pig market back slightly.

The peripheral region in anhui province hog prices: prices in jiangsu 8 yuan/kg to 8.2 yuan/catty, henan zhumadian prices 7.7 yuan/catty 7.9 yuan/kg, 8-8.1 yuan/kg, bengbu prices feixi county prices 7.9-8 yuan/kg. In addition, hefei Winchester hog prices fell slightly to 8.2 yuan/kg.

National market narrow consolidation of live pigs, pig market average price is 7.95 yuan/kg, from yesterday, down 0.05 yuan/kg. Before the Mid-Autumn festival concentrated market increase, slaughtering enterprises settlement price decline generally, terminal consumption picks up slowly, the overall supply, prices are still falling in anhui.

Is currently the national pigs streak price trends, first prices began to decline, on the one hand is pigs long speed accelerated, such weight gain, on the other hand oversupply phenomenon is obvious. Suggest broad breeding company seize the opportunities, timely adjust the structure of pig on hand, grasp the present high market price, timely market, in order to obtain good pig.

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