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Address: 20th Floor, Block B, Jincheng International Plaza, 66 Jingsan Road, Zhengzhou City


The company has r&d center at the provincial level - natural veterinary medicine engineering technology research center of henan province. Dr Center has nine people, 16 people of postgraduate, etc., is specialized in chemical medicine, preparation, traditional Chinese medicine, biological products, feed and feed additive research and development, and directly involved in the operations of the company.

Center is equipped with: highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer, fluorescence inverted microscope, co2 incubator, PCR and gel imaging system, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, biological safety cabinet, super clean workbench, ultra-low temperature freezer, freezer, blood, large shaking table, electrophoresis system capillary, transblot system, chest, enzyme standard instrument, etc.

Houyi Group and the Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' also, China agricultural university, huazhong agricultural university, henan university of science and technology, henan agricultural university, xi 'an jiaotong university, zhengzhou university and other authorities and closely linked to the institutions of higher learning, extensive cooperation, as a combination of teaching practice base. Company also has a postdoctoral workstation, effectively promote the conversion of advanced science and technology, to enhance the development of new products.