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【Functions and Indications】

1. Anticoccidial drugs. Mainly used to control livestock, rabbits, sheep coccidiosis. The feces of chickens caused by infection of small coccidia and cecal coccidia have blood, feathers are unkempt, the crown is pale, the feathers around the cloaca are contaminated by feces, chills and cold, and the small intestine or cecal mucosa is bleeding or necrotic, the cecum is swollen and full. Symptoms such as clots have a good therapeutic effect.

[Usage and Dosage]

Mixed drink: 100g of this poultry is 200kg per bag or 100kg of mix, and the amount on the first day is doubled. Once a day, for 3-5 days.

[Specification] 100g: 20g

[Package] 100g / bag × 10 bags / box × 14 boxes / box

[product batch number] veterinary drug word (2011) 160432704