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Wu Gongyun attend zhengzhou feed industry association, chairman of the second member representative assembly



Wu Gongyun attend zhengzhou feed industry association, chairman of the second member representative assembly

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Wu Gongyun attend zhengzhou feed industry association, chairman of the second member representative assembly

Work for summary association in 2012, association for science and planning work objectives and priorities in 2013, continuously create a new situation association work,  the second member of zhengzhou feed industry association congress on January 23, 2013,  was held successfully in zhengzhou.  Meeting by the municipal industry association, vice chairman, henan GuangLian livestock and poultry feed Zhang Shizhen corporation general manager, deputy director of zhengzhou ChuMuJu Xu Baolong,  ChuMuJu total inspector wang, zhengzhou city, zhengzhou city commissioner of ChuMuJu tube GengFei to attend the meeting, the association of member representatives of more than one hundred and ten people attended the meeting.

First of all, the association secretary-general Zhao Quancheng to congress made a report on the work of the association in 2012,  from the association of their own construction, the main work, problems and 2013 work plan summarizes the four aspects: system in 2012,  the association work, to articulate the further under the new situation to do a good job of association of the target and countermeasures.

Association, vice chairman, hou yi group the henan joint wei feed co., LTD., chairman of Wu Gongyun to congress to do the work on the 2013 association's report. Association of "opinions" pointed out that in 2013 the key work is based on the concept of scientific development as guidance, in-depth implementation of the spirit,  the party's 18 with rapid development of industry policy adjustment and scale cultivation as an opportunity to improve the communication between members, the association of strengthening industry self-discipline and self-improvement, to guide the feed industry in the city to the scale, multi-level, high-tech, industrial chain service system transition.

Wu Gongyun chairman to speak

Association, henan cross biological technology co., LTD., chairman of Gao Tianzeng delivered an important speech at the conference, he stressed that the three positioning, industry positioning. Throughout the province, zhengzhou feedstuff industry take the lead, go ahead and an important task. The second is association. Association of service, is the basic functions and properties of association must be to enhance service ability as the main line, the key to do a good job of communication between members. Three is the member orientation. Is the core and foundation of association members, actively participated in association activities, compliance to the production and business operation, strengthen the consciousness of self-discipline and good example is the each member's responsibility and mission.

Xu Baolong at the meeting, deputy director of the association for one year work give full affirmation, congratulations on the achievements of feed industry in the city, and points out that the construction of modern animal husbandry made solid progress to speed up the development of feed industry to create a good external environment and broad space for development, our members are full of confidence, with good products to expand the market. At the same time, the food safety consideration, zhengzhou as an important distributing center of centrally and animal by-products and down-stream, more highly attention, strengthen self-discipline, strictly the quality pass, to further develop and expand.

The conference co-opted DBN's undertaking, worth feed technology co., LTD. Of zhengzhou city, general manager at the vice President of huawei association. The conference theme is outstanding, rich in content, affirms the achievements, summarizes the experience, analyzed the situation, clarify the train of thought, has been clear about the goal, create a new situation of the association of all the work to the overall has the very vital significance. (in drug safety)

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