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On February 15, 2013 (decyl people) in the third year after yi group together. Reviewing the past,  look to the future; Among wine tasting, a blueprint;  Laughter, feel happy! Previous post: Wu Gongyun attend zhengzhou feed industry association, chairman of the second member representative assembly Next post:Hou yi group marketing center 2013 annual staff training meeting TypeInfo: Hou yi dynamic Keywords for the information:


February 19, 2013 to February 21, hou yi group marketing center (sales company, sales of three companies) all employees gathered in xinzheng barracks attended the three-day annual staff training activities.


Work for summary association in 2012, association for science and planning work objectives and priorities in 2013, continuously create a new situation association work,  the second member of zhengzhou feed industry association congress on January 23, 2013,  was held successfully in zhengzhou.  Meeting by the municipal industry association, vice chairman, henan GuangLian livestock and poultry feed Zhang Shizhen corporation general manager, deputy director of zhengzhou ChuMuJu Xu Baolong,  ChuMuJu total inspector wang, zhengzhou city, zhengzhou city co






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